Hello, hello, hello

I am so glad that you showed up today.

As of April 12, 2010, this blog stands as a repository of articles, resources, documentaries, and movies that inspire, that capture liberty-minded statements and actions by brave individuals.  It also contains essays, movies, and documentaries on history and on topics not widely covered in the controlled and contrived media.  As a friend once said, “Education should serve the spread of democracy.”  I don’t want to spread democracy; I want to limit it.  Instead, I want to spread liberty.  Liberty is anything which keeps the government out of our lives. 

Topics include poetry, Austrian Economics, gold & silver, Constitution, God, personal liberty . . . .

And manliness . . . .

I Pledge . . .



  1. Good to find a site for like minded libertarian’s! Thanks

  2. The mix of Constitutional issues, literary criticism, and resources like the Free Top Documentaries, are particularly useful. I checked out two of your links so far: the Lew Rockwell site and the YAL. Thank you.

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