Posted by: M. Walgenbach | March 26, 2012

Goal-Setting For Success

Good Afternoon Class,

Today, we’re working on goals.  Our daily routine we know.  We don’t need to plan what we already know how to do.  Goals are plans for things that we don’t have, skills that we haven’t yet acquired, things that cannot be obtain by our routine work.  That is why we need to set goals, so that we can tell ourselves and remind ourselves outside of our mechanical routine.  If we want something beside a certain grade in a class, if we want something beside the friendship of a particular student at school, we have to set goals to get it.  Things like a certain amount of money.  Do you want to buy a nice 3-piece suit for a job interview?  Don’t have the money?  Then you’ve got to work for it.  You’ve got to get the money by a certain date.  Then you’ve got to purchase the suit for a job interview schedule at some point in the future.  You’ve got to set goals with due dates so that you can measure your progress of getting the money for that suit.  The goal could be anything.  The goal could be a Hawaii vacation.  Goals may cost money but they will certainly cost time.  Time is not infinite.  You will run out of time.  Set the due date for your goal.  How many weeks out is your goal?  2 weeks?  4 weeks?  6 months?  Be specific with your goal.  Make a list of what you need to get done to reach your goal.  Each item on that list will be a separate goal with due dates that form the steps to the important goal.   

Task #1:  Write down 3 skills that you would really like to have, talents that you’ve dream about. 

Skill/Talent #1:

Skill/Talent #2:

Skill/Talent #3:

Task #2:  Next, write down your plan for obtaining the skill.

Skill #1:  The first thing that I will do is ___________________ by ____________________ . . . 

Skill #2:  The first thing that I will do is ___________________ by ____________________ . . . 

Skill #3:  The first thing that I will do is ___________________ by ____________________ . . .

Task #3:  What 1 thing can you do today that can lead you to obtaining your talent/skill?

Next, read this:

The Temptation of Temptations that Keeps People from Maximizing Their Success

Gary North

Getting sidetracked.

That’s the thief of success, the killer of careers.

People do not set specific goals. They do not budget their time and money to meet these goals. They will do anything–I mean anything–to keep from setting goals and pursuing them in a systematic way.

Unless you are Warren Buffett, you cannot get rich through investing in a highly competitive market like stocks, commodities or bonds. Everyone knows this. Yet they watch CNBC, read newsletters, and chart prices as if these activities could produce great wealth. “I’ll beat the system!”

They do not spend this inherently frivolous time on what could actually provide them with the wealth they say they want: their businesses or their careers.

They may have read The Millionaire Next Door. They don’t believe it. They don’t want to believe it. If they believed it, they would feel morally compelled to do what it says: (1) start your own business; (2) budget your money; (3) budget your time. The secret of success is a lifetime of net increases. As John Schaub says, it’s making it big on little deals. But you must spend 12 hours a day, 6 days a week on this. That is the price of success. There are no reliable shortcuts.

Men fritter away their lives on peripheral side issues, like Facebook, like texting, like watching too much television, when they could achieve so much by focusing on what they do well, where they have a competitive advantage: in their own back yards. This is the message of Acres of Diamonds. Why people who read it don’t believe it mystifies me. It’s on-line for free. Print it out. Read it. Believe it. Implement it.


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