Posted by: M. Walgenbach | March 17, 2012

Industrial Corridor in Vernon, CA

I took these shots on February 18 and am only now just posting them to my “Eye on LA” on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17.  Jimmy Larkin is holding a party for his Irish folks today.  It should be fun and delicious food, like corned beef.  But I wanted to get these pics up so that anybody looking at my site can enjoy these. 

I liked this photo for the contrasts–red, black, white, and yellow graffiti paint all on a red caboose.  If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you’ll note how comforting the morning light cast across the tracks are.  It’s not a bad picture. 

I was so happy with this shot because the downtown buildings lit up by the morning sun occupy the center of this picture with the rusted trellis train bridge and the refinery to the left.  This is taken from East 26th Street just west of Soto in Vernon.  Love this city.
This angle captures the sun reflecting off the downtown building best.  I like how the dark rust, black and gray water shimmers too and the concrete pillars under the bridge.  For me, this captures the beauty of the industrial corridor of Los Angeles.  Lovin’ it.

The pictures that follow were taken on November 13, 2011.  Also of Vernon.  I just loved this area because it reminded me of what my dad and his father worked through and around. 

This is the Soto Street Bridge over the LA River with the Vernon water tower to the right. 

The Vernon water tower.
The Sears Building.  My mother worked here at her first job since coming out to LA from Denver.  She worked as a comptometer operator. 

The LA River at dawn, looking east from the Soto Street Bridge in Vernon.
The LA River looking west toward downtown from the Soto Street Bridge.
LA River in Vernon with Vernon Water Tower behind the 7-Up Bottling Co. 
Washington Boulevard abutment. 
Another view of the LA River from the Washington Boulevard Bridge.

I like the layers of light in this shot–blue at the top, yellow at the center just beneath the station roof, and the almost peach-yellow mixture of light on the street level. 

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