Posted by: M. Walgenbach | February 26, 2012

11-Year Old Joanna Ramos Dies in Hospital Following Emergency Surgery

An 11-year girl gets into a fight after school and then shows up to an after-school program, says she’s not feeling well and is taken to the hospital where emergency surgery is performed, and she dies in the hospital.  But the way that the Associated Press frames it, they  make it sound like she died from injuries sustained in the fight with the other student.  The AP report says that 11-year old dies as a result of her injuries at a Long Beach elementary school, ending the article with “Police are investigating and say no arrests are immediately planned.”  Why not?  Why not arrest the hospital emergency doctors?  The Long Beach Press Telegram is a little more protective of school and city officials, quoting them as offering their prayers and condolences.  Why isn’t anyone questioning the hospital staff?  Where are the reports from the hospital about her injuries?
On the issue of bullying, the LBPT reporter states that “Some students said bullying had been a problem at the school, but Luna would not confirm whether that was an issue in this case. He also did not know whether the girls had problems in the past.”  Bullying is a condition of certainly all public schooling, whether a public school or a parochial school.  Bullying is a condition for learning.

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