Posted by: M. Walgenbach | February 5, 2012

Get Your Anti-Cancer Regimen Rolling After Passing Through TSA Scanners

The TSA scanners are harmful.  If you’re healthy and you want to remain that way, do not pass through them.  As intrusive as the pat-downs are, choose them over the scanner.  The scanner can cause disruptions in your cells, organs, and immune system that will get you sick weeks, months, and years later.  Try bringing a lawsuit with incontrovertible proof that the radiation from the TSA backscatter scanners caused your illness.  If you’re sick already, weakened by a chronic condition, don’t go through the scanners.  You’ll only be hurting yourself, your body, your friends, and loved ones if you decide to pass through them.  Don’t do it, please.  The TSA scanners are an attempt by Homeland Security to injure middle-class Americans.  The TSA’s back-scanner machines caused a pregnant mother, she believes, to miscarry her baby. 

My doctor knows nothing about health.  I told him that I passed through a TSA scanner, and his answer was, “Well, the radiation is very light.  It is designed only to pass through your clothing.”  How do I express my concerns from the TSA millimeter scanners to a doctor who’s been won over by government propaganda?  He is a government agent and doesn’t know it.

More on TSA backscatter scanners.  

Oh, joy.  Read what Dr. Russell Blaylock says about TSA body scanners.  He asserts that the body scanners are more dangerous than the Federal Government admits.  He states: 

1.  Be concerned about exposing the eyes, since this could increase one’s risk of developing cataracts.
2.  About 5 percent of the population have undiagnosed abnormal DNA repair mechanism.  When exposed to radiation, this can put them at a cancer risk hundreds of times greater than normal people.
It also has been determined that when skin is next to certain metals, such as gold, the radiation dose is magnified 100-fold higher.  What if you have a mole next to your gold jewelry? Will the radiation convert it to a melanoma?
3.  Deficiencies in certain vitamins can dramatically increase your sensitivity to radiation carcinogenesis, as can certain prescription medications.
4.  As for the assurances we have been given by such organization as the American College of Radiology, we must keep in mind that they assured us that the CT scans were safe and that the radiation was equal to one chest X-ray.  Forty years later we learn that the dose is extremely high, it is thought to have caused cancer in a significant number of people, and the dose is actually equal to 1,000 chest X-rays.
Based on these assurances, tens of thousands of children have been exposed to radiation doses from CT scanners, which will ruin the children’s lives. I have two friends who were high-ranking Environmental Protection Agency scientists, and they assured me that in government safety agencies, politics most often override the scientists’ real concerns about such issues.
5.  This government shares House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s view when she urged passage of the Obamacare bill sight unseen—“Let’s just pass the bill, and we will find out what is in it later.”
When the real effects of these scanners on health become known, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and the rest of the gang who insist the scanners are safe will be long gone.
Wednesday, November 24, 2010 9:58 AM
By Dr. Russell Blaylock
Source: NewsMaxHealth

Solutions:  Bill Rounds Says Boycott the TSA.


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