Posted by: M. Walgenbach | December 4, 2011


The photograph of the ankle at the left is a typical example of capillaritis–brownish-red spots clustered along the lower extremity.  I’ve yet to find a treatment for this condition.  In some people, their immune system resolves it chronically or even permanently, depending on the severity.  I have seen these spots on the shin of diabetics.  I have seen this condition rise up on the back of the leg of individuals with chronic fatigue.  The markings are difficult to remove.  Though the picture provides one example of capillaritis, there are others, lots of others.  I’d be very careful with topical creams that promise a cure.  Check to see what the bleaching agents are in those creams.  The cause of Capillaritis is two-fold: jobs where a person stands a lot combined with a regular or high consumption of NSAIDS–aspirin.  Be careful with aspirin.  Taken regularly aspirin can leech your natural stores of Vitamin C from your system, make your stomach bleed, and compromise your liver’s health.  

One treatment suggests a 1% topical coritosteroid lotion, applied twice a day, and said to supplement it with regular moisturizing lotion to keep the skin from drying out. 

Another treatment is oral therapy with bioflavonoid and ascorbic acid and mid-potency topical steroids (in case of itching).

Dr. Parsi in Australia seems like a knowledgeable source.

This condition is also referred to as venous stasis dermatitis.

1.  I think that cayenne pepper may help to increase circulation.
2.  Hydrogen Peroxide provides greater oxygen to veins and capillaries that are inefficiently carrying oxygen to the different organs and along the vessel walls.


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