Posted by: M. Walgenbach | August 2, 2011

Dr. Mercola on a Hypothyroid



  1. There are too many nutrients that are depleted from our food. Therefore we have to take natural thyroid supplements to augment the vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

  2. Scarlett, Your statement was interesting. I would have thought that if someone needs a particular nutrient, like extra Vitamin B, then they eat foods rich in that vitamin or supplement with supplements. But, and correct me please if I misunderstand you, how do thyroid supplements “augment the vitamins and mineral[s] . . .”? Also, how do you measure the nutrient loss in our foods? What starting point do you use as your reference? Is it the 20t century? Or is it the ongoing exposure to pollutants that causes a depletion? Is it a poor seed crop? What? Your link looks interesting. I will definitely comb through it further. Thank you.

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