Posted by: M. Walgenbach | June 30, 2011

Causes and Remedies of Tooth Decay

Ramiel evaluates all aspects of possible dental interventions, including root canals, amalgam fillings, fluoride, sealants, whitening, x-rays, conventional vs. biological dentistry and dental visits in general. He mentions that he still has mercury amalgam fillings following the advice of “a wise person who suggested that he not get the fillings replaced”. One of the biological dentists I work with believes that this is not the best health advice and that all mercury-based fillings and other dental metals such as metal with porcelain or gold crowns should be replaced with less toxic composite or pure porcelain crowns. I personally like what Ramiel says, “Fillings, regardless of the material used, can block the energy currents in the tooth”. Not everyone gets ill from amalgam fillings nor does their replacement always make people who are ill become well. “Again, this demonstrates how the most ideal solution to cavities is to heal and prevent them with nutrition.”

Cure Tooth Decay Naturally?
Fat-soluble Vitamin A called Retinol helps fight tooth decay.


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