Posted by: M. Walgenbach | June 19, 2011

The Skinny on Coffee

I love coffee.  I’d like to drink better coffee, organic coffee that I roast in my own home in a frying pan over  the stove.  I could imagine wonderful, invigorating aromas and caffeine that would fortify me rather than weaken me.  The coffee that I drink is instant NesCafe.  The flavor of that instant brand is better than most.  Whole Foods sells or used to sell a Whole Foods brand that I enjoyed for many, many months.  But the flavor of Nescafe is much better.  James Wesley Rawles, who used to own and operate a coffee bar, states that most store-bought coffee is stale before it is vacuum-sealed; as a result, it is tasteless.  Another reason that I drank coffee, even endure the tastelessness of instant coffee was because I love cream in my coffee.  No sugar.  I would not put sugar in my coffee; the cream was enough to enhance the flavor. 

The reason I am writing today about coffee is that have had to stop drinking coffee because it exhausts me and makes my body feel depleted.  I like Sally Fallon, so I googled her name and coffee.  And she concludes that coffee exhausts the adrenal glands.  How much coffee exhausts the adrenals, at what time coffee is drank actually exhausts the adrenals, and what type of coffee exhausts the adrenals, she did not say.  Her comment, which I greatly appreciate is here:  “Caffeine jolts the adrenal glands and eventually leads to adrenal exhaustion.  My own health did not begin to improve until I quit coffee–the hardest thing I ever did.”

In her review of Kristina Amelong’s book Ten Days to Optimal Health, Fallon advocates Amelong’s findings that “. . . caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, and artificial sweeteners contribute to chronic disease, citing a study in the Journal of Natural Medicine which found that one teaspoon of refined sugar paralyzes fifty percent of the body’s white blood cells for five hours.”  50% is stunning.  I didn’t realize that sugar consumption was so bad.  I guess that the sugar industry’s assault on corn syrup have helped to legitimize sugar as the healthy sweetener.  Paralyzing 50% of our immune system does not seem healthy.

More on coffee here, here, and here.

It’s true, too, that coffee stains your teeth.  More than that, coffee contains oxalic acid, which promotes tooth decay, according Rami Nagel


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