Posted by: M. Walgenbach | April 24, 2011

Anti-Oxidants for Specific Conditions

Finally, what supplement to take for which ailment.  Stephen Byrnes at the Weston A. Price Foundation writes:

Studies have shown that antioxidants work best in combination. Although there is value in supplementing with extra amounts of one or two antioxidants, better results are always obtained when a “cocktail” is administered. The reason for this is simple logic: different antioxidants neutralise different free radicals. If you take a combination, then more free radicals will be neutralised. You can, however, “slant” the antioxidant effect towards a particular ailment or organ if the nutrient has a particular affinity to them. For example, glutathione would be recommended for hepatitis, Parkinson’s, AIDS and liver disease; vitamins E and C would be recommended for arteriosclerosis; CoQ10 would be recommended for heart disease; and alpha lipoic acid would be recommended for diabetes. See your health care professional to help you select the best antioxidant combination for you.

Staying on top of oxidative stress is a necessity in our increasingly toxic world. Taking care to avoid those toxins as much as possible and to enrich our diets with life-giving antioxidants is a wise step to take in our endless quest for wellness.”  End quote. 

To summarize: 
1.  Concerned about hepatitis, Parkinson’s, AIDS, and liver disease?  Take glutathione.
2.  Concerned about arterioschlerosis?  Then take vitamins E and C. 
3.  Concerned about heart disease?  Take CoQ10.  Ubiquinol is a more-absorbable form of CoQ10.
4.  Concerned about diabetes?  Alpha lipoic acid is the anti-oxidant for that condition.


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