Posted by: M. Walgenbach | March 16, 2011

Radiation from Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

I am trying to understand the range of benefits versus the harmful effects from both natural radiation from rock and man-made radiation from nuclear power plants and TSA airport scanners.  I recently went through a TSA airport scanner and had problems; in fact, I’ve been having problems ever since December 10, 2011 when I went through the scanner.  I’ve had spasms in my left ankle, spasms that vibrate or pulse deep within the bone.  The vibrations occurred a couple of times on 2 consecutive days.  After that I felt as though my body had resolved any kind of genetic mutation that the TSA scanner might have caused.  Then I wake up at  3am this morning with my head throbbing and pulling as though I can feel tissue being drawn outward, away from my brain.  My heart was racing and both my legs felt heavy and pulsing.  It’s that pulsing that bothers me.  That tells me that there is a disruption in the genetic messaging, that something has pierced the genetic code of my body and I am no longer in control.  That’s scary.  I have some apricot seeds or bitter almonds in my refrigerator and I ate a handful of those.  They seemed to calm my symptoms, that and a bottle of Italian mineral water.  It was only as I was drinking the water did I realize that I was a little dehydrated.  I flew to Shanghai, China with a one-night lay-over in Tokyo.  I don’t how much radiation is present in Tokyo either.  Early reports coming after the Fukushima plant disaster told of bad news in Tokyo. 

I wanted to know more about the TSA radiation, so I Googled it and found an Alex Jones article titled “Government Ignored 1998 Report Finding Up to 100 Cancer Deaths from TSA Naked Body Scanners Per Year.”  Clearly the government knew about it, was informed of the dangers and risk of death from it, yet altered nothing.  That’s typical.  Government is a dead-end in terms of finding justice.  It’s a bureaucracy.  What would you expect.  But I would like to know what kind of radiation I was blasted with at LAX, how much, and what some antidotes are.  B-17 does seem to help.  The symptoms I’ve described above have slightly abated.  I contacted Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s office this morning via email.  I should check to see if he or anyone from his office has replied.  I sent the message at 4am this morning.

Radiation confuses me.  How much and of what kind does one actually benefit from it as we are supposed to according Art Robinson’s understanding of hormesis? 

A good site to review the Trade Winds that are carrying the radiation from Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.  It also discusses the benefits of iodine, the best type, the best amount, and other remedies.  Stay well.

An important question to ask is “Is any level of radiation harmful?”  Also, “Is there any level of radiation that is actually good for us?”  Tom Bethell’s article in the American Spectator cites Art Robinson‘s claims that low-level radiation is beneficial.  Dr. Donald W. Miller, a cardiologist, also asserts actual healthy benefits from low-levels of radiation called hormesis.

List of cash-paying doctor services and here.

Remedies for Radiation Exposure.


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