Posted by: M. Walgenbach | December 27, 2010

Dr. Johanna Budwig Diet

Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Diet looks interesting precisely because of its simplicity.

Dr.Johanna Budwig Mix:

Put the following foods in your blender:

1.   1 cup of Organic, low-fat cottage cheese (not too hard; best to make your own).  You may use yogurt as a substitute.
2.   2 to 5 Tablespoons of flaxseeed oil.
3.   1 to 3 Tablespoons of freshly ground up flaxseed.  A $15 coffee grinder works fine.
4.   Add a little water to soften it.
5.   Sprinkle a little cayenne.
And that’s it.

Want to know more?  Click on Dr. Johanna Budwig’s name and read on.

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