Posted by: M. Walgenbach | September 19, 2010

Want to Increase Circulation in Your Lower Leg and Get Rid of Edema? Try Elastic Compression Socks. They work.

Elastic support hose reduce edema and increase blood circulation in your lower legs.  The hose work better than herbal remedies for the same problem, like Horse Chestnut or Gingko Biloba.  Compression hose are to be worn during the day; remove them at night before you shower and get ready for bed.  Depending upon your condition and the age of your condition, you may want to wear it daily for 2 to 3 maybe 4 weeks or longer.  Observe how the edema dissipates and assess how the energy in your legs elevates.  Once you begin to feel better, then you know that you don’t need the compression hose.  How it works is that as you wear the hose over time, your body will adjust to the new blood pressures on your veins, which uptake the instruction and pump blood through your veins more efficiently.  That claim is not EPA approved.  After one week of wearing the hose, the sluggishness in my legs was lifted, which allowed for the circulation in my legs to improve.  I have more energy in my lower extremities.  I rise from a seat with greater strength, energy, and steadiness.  My step is more energetic, more controlled.  I prefer the support hose over nutritional supplements for the same condition.  I don’t like all of the side effects of supplements. 


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